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  Tour to Hyderabad
  Tour to North India and Nepal
  Tour to England.
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  Cricket nets Starts from 3rd april Start At air india Ground and  
  selection of north india and nepal  
  (Session-2)will take place on 21/4 at 2.30 pm at Airindia sports club.  
  Selection is open for Hyderabad  
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Some of the leading Players with their achievements;
  Druv Thakkar(Left Hand Batsman Off spinner)Selected for Sport star Trophy
  Ansuman Mishra (Selected for MRF pace foundation & selected for MUmbai
    under 17 Team in 2005)
  Harshad Koli(Playing Under 19 MCA and Kanga league)
  Akshit Patel(Played Under 19 sports star trophy)
  Farhan Khan(Under 19 Mumbai Stand Bye Playing kanga league)
  Jayesh Patil(Playing Kanga league B-Division)
  Iqbal Abdulla(Playing Ranji Trophy and IPL) and India Emerging Team
  Noorullah Khan(Played Ranji Trophy)
  Dipesh Melwani(Playing for Rizvi School(India,s Best School Cricket team)
  Ganesh Danawale(Selected For MRF Pace Foundation)
  Tanmay Burad(Playing U-14 MCA).
  Umesh More ( Playing Under -14 Team )
  Mohhamad Tokir (Playing A-Division Kanga)
  Wasim Khan(Playing A divison left hand batsman and bowller)
  Ankit Patel(Right Hand Bats Man)
  Rohit Singh(Right arm Leg spinner Best Bowler of MAPL)

Ajinkya Beloshe(Right hand bats man plyed U-19 MCA)