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  Annual Coaching
  Vacation Coaching
  Personal Coaching


As all we know cricket is not a game but now also a good carrer option. Some times a good cricketer need spacial tranning and presonal attencene. And time to time some spacial advise. So we are having presonal coaching programe. This is avlible on the basic of a small selecation test. And the coaching will be under chief coach jwala singh

Corporate Coaching
This coaching is spacily for the working people who still fell that they can play cricket. So we orgnise this on Saturday and Sunday . and also we orgnise the matches for them. We also take corporate cricket management and look after all of your cricket need.
Remember… practice doesn,t make man perfect but perfect practice makes man perfect.
It,s comes down to a very  simple saying there is a right way and wrong way to do the things. You can practice cricket eight hours a day but if practice is wrong then all you became a very good at playing cricket in wrong way

School & college Coaching .

We provide coaches for school & colleges